I've no real idea when I'm going to have the time to build this site, or the
interest sufficiently powerful to make the time by dropping other things
that currently seem more pressing.

This site is the main home of Tim, Natalie, Liam, and Aurora Lissimore.
We have busy lives, however, and so a couple of minor offshoots of this
site are currently the only active things here. There are no links to these
offshoots as they are really not for a general audience - not at all of
interest to most people but convenient for a few extended family

Perhaps one day there will be more here. I'd like to think so. But please
don't hold your breath quite yet.

If you are interested, Tim's business sites:
(Celtic Flame Consulting) is slightly more active and can be found at www.celticflame.ca.
(The Carpenter's Son's Apprentice) is quite active and can be found at www.TheCarpentersSonsApprentice.ca.

Blessings to all!
Welcome to